the brushless barrel cleaner

Internationally patented, tried and tested by professional shooters around the world.

Niebling BoreBlitz Sales Box

Why BoreBlitz?

The brushless design of our BoreBlitz results in a significant advantage over conventional bore cleaners. But there are more innovations inside our BoreBlitz we developed and tested together with hunters, sports shooters and guns experts around the globe.

Niebling BoreBlitz - Barrel / Bore Cleaner

The Main Features:

Two caliberoptimized pressure balls

Sewn in balls made of special, vulcanizied rubber make sure that the textile is pressed absolutely evenly against the bore. That way grooves and lands of a rifled barrel are cleaned the most protecting and effective way.

Two CLP sponge chambers

Also fixed by strong seams our BoreBlitz comes with sponges following each pressure ball. Excess cleaning oil or CLP fluid will be completely wiped out of the bore leaving no chance for the so called 'Fauling shot'.

Chemical resistant materials

All components of BoreBlitz are highly resistant against all known cleaning fluids, CLP-liquids and oils used to maintanance your guns. Safety, efficiency and innovations for best cleaning results.

How-to video

Sit back, relax and watch this short video.


BoreBlitz is available from Cal. .17 (4.5 mm) to Cal. .50 (12.7 mm) for pistols and rifles and up to 12 Gauge for shotguns. The long pulling cord makes it a reliable cleaning tool also for weapons with an extra-long barrel.

No need to disassemble/

Quick and easy to use. Ideal for example on a hunting trip for fast and effective cleaning or removal of condensation or rain water.

keep it clean/

The zip-bag protects the BoreBlitz before usage and keeps the rest of your equipment clean when the BoreBLitz is stored in it after use.

comfortable application/

The highly stable plastic handle which also comes with every BoreBlitz provides comfortable usage.

Niebling BoreBlitz Farbcodes

/Caliber related color coding

The textile tube has a different color for each version of the BoreBlitz to avoid mixing up the tool. In addition the caliber is also engraved into the brass weight that supports inserting BoreBlitz into barrel.


After usage BoreBlitz can be cleaned with just regular soap and warm water and can be reused very often.

/manufactured by Niebling

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